SOEL-CNMI Brain Builders Partner Meeting & Appreciation

On Monday, August 21, 2023, the SOEL-CNMI Brain Builders Team, met with some of the CCDF Partners, namely CHCC-System of Care/Healthy Transitions, CHCC-Home Visiting Program, CHCC-MICAH/F2F, DICE Pacific Solutions, LLC, Council on Developmental Disabilities, CNMI UCEDD, CNMI WIC, and DYS. This meeting was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Giovanni’s Conference Room. 

At this meeting, the team took the time to present the SOEL Initiative-CNMI Brain Builders accomplishments, and extended a sincere appreciation to all partners for their continued collaboration, support, and partnership for the project.

Furthermore, the team took the steps necessary to continue to strengthen and sustain each other’s partnership. The team emphasized CCDF’s vision and further elaborated on the importance of strong collaboration and support for each other’s mission and vision. “After all, we share the same children/families/population,” the team exclaimed.

Additionally, a discussion on the importance of increasing awareness about why and how the first five years of children’s growth and development are critical, took place. The team further walked the partners through the SOEL initiative goals and short/long term outcomes. More importantly, the team along with the partners further reiterated on the next steps that are necessary, most especially looking at the impact that the initiative will make on children and families. 

CCDF, along with the Science of Early Learning-CNMI Brain Builders appreciates their partners and hopes to be able to continue the effort in supporting our CNMI children and their families.

This meeting was made available through CCDF’s Science of Early Learning Initiative, also known as CNMI Brain Builders. It is made possible through funding from the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Child Care, CNMI CCDF Program under the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs.



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