Rabauliman, Castro, and George Take Oaths of Office

Congratulations to Mr. Francisco M. Rabauliman on being sworn in as the Secretary for the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs (DCCA), and congratulations also to Mr. Gregorio Castro and Dr. Glenda S. George, who were sworn in as members of Board of Professional Licensing and the Board of Healthcare Professions Licensing respectively.

Then Acting Governor David M. Apatang expressed his confidence in the newly appointed Secretary for DCCA, Mr. Francisco M. Rabauliman, along with the appointed members of the Healthcare Professions Licensing Board, Dr. Glenda S. George, and the Board of Professional Licensing, Mr. Gregorio Castro. He commended their dedication to serving the community, expressing his belief in their ability to fulfill their roles effectively and contribute positively to the community’s well-being.

Office of CNMI Governor and Lt. Governor
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