Veterans and Military Families Month


CNMI Veterans Week

NOVEMBER 4-11, 2021

WHEREAS, for generations, the men and women of the Marianas have boldly answered the call to serve with great pride and distinction in our nation’s armed forces. These Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and Coast Guardsmen have endured many sacrifices to defend the freedoms that make our islands and nation what it is today.

WHEREAS, behind these brave service members are their families; spouses, children and parents, who too have had their share of sacrifices; from long deployments to relocation, adjusting to new neighborhoods and schools, having to make new friends and sometimes putting their careers on hold.

WHEREAS, in this commonwealth we have more than 1,000 service members and veterans – each one with their own family and unique story.

WHEREAS, at the end of World War I, November 11 became known as “Armistice Day” commemorating the end of the conflict at the eleventh hour at the eleventh day of the eleventh month. Congress changed Armistice Day to “Veterans Day” on June 1, 1954; and

WHEREAS, on Veterans Day, we pay tribute to the service and sacrifice of the men and women who, in defense of our freedom, have bravely worn the uniform of the United States Armed Forces; and

WHEREAS, we salute their services, honor their sacrifices, and honor them for supporting this nation in every hour of need. And we acknowledge that freedom’s cost continues long after the guns fall silent. Many of our veterans bear the disabilities and scars of military service. The families of those who never returned from their service live always with a profound sense of loss. It is our duty to remember what our Veterans have done and to uphold our commitments to them and their families; and

NOW, THEREFORE, I, RALPH DLG. TORRES, Governor of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the Commonwealth, do hereby proclaim the month of November as


and the week of November 4-11, 2021 as


I encourage everyone in our community to acknowledge and honor the service, sacrifices, and contributions of veterans and military families for what they have done and for what they do every day to support our islands and our great Nation. On Veterans Day, we remember these heroes for their valor, their loyalty, and their dedication.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand on this 3rd day of November 2021.





CNMI Office of the Governor

Office of the Governor Response to Dismissal of Lawsuit Filed Against the House Judiciary & Government Operations Committee

Yesterday, the Superior Court held that the Office of the Governor could not proceed with its case against the House Judiciary and Government Operations Committee. Although the Administration respects the decision of the Judge, we believe the decision is erroneous by ignoring and misinterpreting law and precedent. For example, in its rush to follow federal precedent, it skipped right over the plain text of the Commonwealth Constitution. Then it overlooked some of the most important protections found even in the federal cases — such as the rule that the legislature may subpoena the executive only when the information it needs is not reasonably available anywhere else. The decision will be appealed. It will be for the Supreme Court to ultimately decide the merits of this civil case.

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