Northern Marianas International School Empowers Child Development with “Mind in the Making” Training Modules

As part of its efforts to foster child development in the CNMI, Northern Marianas International School (NMIS) recently facilitated a workshop to cover the “Mind in the Making” Training Modules. These modules, developed to enhance crucial cognitive abilities in children, cover the Seven Essential Life Skills: Focus and Self Control, Perspective Taking, Communicating, Making Connections, Critical Thinking, Taking on Challenges, and Self-Directed and Engaged Learning.

The Seven Essential Life Skills Training Modules draw upon extensive brain development research to inform best practices that yield better outcomes for children by fostering these essential skills in the prefrontal cortex. Each module is dedicated to one of the essential skills, with an introductory module providing a comprehensive overview.

Under the guidance of Rayanna Fitial, Science of Early Learning Administrative Assistant at the NMIS Daycare Center, the training enabled participants to reflect on their own experiences and practices, gain insights into the latest research on optimal child learning, and explore ways to apply this knowledge in their roles as parents or educators.

Having successfully completed the training sessions, the participants are now equipped to implement their newfound knowledge both at home with their children and as dedicated advocates for children in their professional endeavors.

This training is made possible through funding from the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Child Care, CNMI CCDF Program under the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs.



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