Governor Joins in SCA’s Excitement and Clarifies Meetings

Governor Ralph DLG. Torres would like to clarify some misinformation put out by the media on Wednesday with regards to a meeting held on Tuesday, January 25, 2022, between Governor Torres and Saipan Cares for Animals’ Director, Ms. Beth Pliscou. First, neither the Commonwealth Zoning Board nor a representative from the Zoning Office was present at Tuesday’s meeting. However, the Governor did meet with the Zoning Administrator and Zoning Chairman on Monday, January 25, 2022 to gather information on SCA’s current situation.

Governor Torres met with Beth Pliscou to offer assistance in addressing issues concerning SCA’s permitting application for its new property in As Lito to the Division of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) and the mitigation requirements relating to the presence of endangered bird species on the property. Present at the meeting was also Department of Lands and Natural Resources (DLNR) Secretary Anthony T. Benavente and Division of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) Director Manuel M. Pangelinan.

The meeting was extremely productive, and many of SCA’s concerns were clarified or resolved. While Governor Torres continues to offer his assistance and support to SCA and its important mission, he would like to make clear that he has not and will not overstep the Zoning Board’s authority in SCA’s application processes, as he has full faith and confidence in the Zoning Board’s ability to carry out its mandates.

“The Zoning Board is doing the best they can. I understand and share the community’s sentiments regarding our need to provide access to professional animal care in the Commonwealth, however, we must ensure that all laws and regulations are followed in the process.”

“Beth understands this as well, and is grateful to the Zoning Board for approving their previous extension requests on their current As Gonno facility. She is excited for the organization’s move to the As Lito property, where they will have more space to conduct their important services and do so within the parameters of all applicable laws and regulations, and I join in her excitement.”

“We continue to offer SCA our full support and thank them for their continued service to our animal population,” said Governor Torres.


CNMI Office of the Governor
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