Finance Announces Open Enrollment for Government Health Insurance

Finance Announces Open Enrollment for Government Health Insurance

The Department of Finance announced on Monday, October 18, 2021 that the open enrollment period for the CNMI Government Group Health and Life Insurance Trust Fund will be from October 25, 2021 to December 10, 2021 for coverage effective January 1, 2022.

Governor Ralph DLG. Torres said affordable and accessible healthcare coverage is a vital priority for the administration, adding that it is important for employees and retirees to take advantage of the opportunity.

“Lt. Governor Palacios and I consider healthcare coverage a necessity for our government employees and of course our retirees. We encourage all government employees to take advantage of this as it safeguards families from the potentially high cost of unforeseen medical needs,” said Governor Torres.

According to Secretary of Finance David Atalig, “We are pleased that we are able to continue to offer employees, retirees and their families quality health insurance options.”

Secretary Atalig further encourages government employees to take advantage of this enrollment period to ensure each employee and their families have the necessary resources to cover their healthcare expenses.

Active EmployeesHighLowBasic
     Employee$    80.35$    25.66$       2.21
     Employee + 1 Dependent$  164.72$    52.60$       4.54
     Employee + Family$  257.12$    82.10$       7.07
     Employee$    87.05$    27.80$       2.40
     Employee + 1 Dependent$  178.44$    56.99$       4.92
     Employee + Family$  278.55$    88.94$       7.66

Pacifica Insurance, general agent for Aetna Insurance located in Susupe at the Joeten Center, 1st Floor will be available to assist new and existing members. For more information please call (670) 234-6267 option 3.


CNMI Office of the Governor

Office of the Governor Response to Dismissal of Lawsuit Filed Against the House Judiciary & Government Operations Committee

Yesterday, the Superior Court held that the Office of the Governor could not proceed with its case against the House Judiciary and Government Operations Committee. Although the Administration respects the decision of the Judge, we believe the decision is erroneous by ignoring and misinterpreting law and precedent. For example, in its rush to follow federal precedent, it skipped right over the plain text of the Commonwealth Constitution. Then it overlooked some of the most important protections found even in the federal cases — such as the rule that the legislature may subpoena the executive only when the information it needs is not reasonably available anywhere else. The decision will be appealed. It will be for the Supreme Court to ultimately decide the merits of this civil case.

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