CNMI officials attend NGA Infrastructure Summit

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is a historic investment in the Commonwealth that will create jobs, modernize government, better connect our people and build a more resilient infrastructure to benefit future generations.”
– Governor Ralph DLG. Torres

Annapolis, MD – Earlier today, CNMI senior government officials participated in the National Governors Association (NGA) Infrastructure Summit in Annapolis, Maryland. Secretary of Finance David Atalig, Chief Information Officer (CIO) Clifford Aldan, and Chief of Staff Wil Castro were among representatives from throughout the country to participate in these discussions about the country’s single largest investment in infrastructure.

The three-day event is attended by governors, state-level senior leadership, federal and NGA partners, as well as industry and public stakeholders. Participants will share resources and discuss implementation of the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The comprehensive package will provide critical federal funding, support economic growth in the Commonwealth and create more sustainable jobs. The summit covers transportation, broadband, renewable energy, and resilient infrastructure to name a few.

“The investment empowers the Commonwealth to build back with resilience and through a lens of equity that includes everyone as we work towards economic recovery,” said Secretary Atalig.

“In addition to building a more resilient critical infrastructure and job creation, we can realize other core benefits, such as government modernization, cybersecurity plan execution, and broadband infrastructure investment with our private sector partners as well,” said CIO Aldan.

“We came to learn more about the technicalities of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, to share our unique challenges and opportunities, as well as to request for and secure additional resources where needed.  By being here, face to face, we now have a direct line to these federal and state officials that will help our government better integrate and collaborate at all levels,” said Chief Castro.



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