2nd quarter 2020 employer compliance reports due July 31

The CNMI Department of Labor (DOL) would like to remind all employers that the 2nd quarter 2020 employer compliance reports are due on July 31, 2020.

Employers subject to employment reporting requirements must complete and submit a Total Workforce Listing and Workforce Plan on or before the deadline this Friday. Of particular interest is the new reporting requirement for employers with multiple island job sites as described below.

Special instructions for Rota and Tinian employers

A CNMI employer with multiple island job sites must submit a separate report for each island. For example, if an organization employs workers for job sites in Saipan and Tinian, then the employer must file two separate quarterly compliance reports (one for Saipan and another for Tinian).

In light of the current situation, and to minimize public contact with staff members, employers are encouraged to submit their reports by email.

Employers unable to submit online may file a report with the DOL’s Administrative Services office in Capitol Hill, Building #1356. Failure or refusal to comply is cause for the DOL to issue a Notice of Violation to the employer which may result in fines and other sanctions following a due process hearing in the Administrative Hearing Office.

For additional information or to request assistance in completing the reports, employers may contact DOL at (670) 664-3196. The CNMI DOL is open Monday to Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., except on federal and Commonwealth holidays.

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CNMI Cannabis Commission launches

With the publishing of the certification and adoption of proposed rules and regulations of the CNMI Cannabis Commission (Commission), the Commission announces the official launching of applications for the commercial Cannabis Licenses and noncommercial Homegrown Marijuana Registry.

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