2021 Saipan Energy Educational Awareness and Community Outreach Program Campaign Drive-Thru Distribution Event

The Department of Public Works, Energy Division Office will be hosting its “2021 Saipan Energy Educational Awareness and Community Outreach Program Campaign Drive-Thru Distribution Event” to promote energy conservation and implementation of efficiency measures that reduce energy use and also save money by distributing Energy-Efficient LED Light Bulbs OR Portable Gas Stoves to residential households.  The Division of Energy will also be educating residential consumers and the community about the importance of energy efficiency and conservation efforts in the CNMI and its impact to the protection and preservation of available precious natural resources in the environment.

To avail of the LED light bulbs OR portable gas stove, residential homeowners must present a copy of a valid government issued identification card (ID) and a copy of a most recent CUC utility billing with same name on ID and CUC account.  Residents that are tenants of apartments, rental properties, etc., and not named as the CUC account holder, must provide a copy of a lease or rental agreement.  If the residential homeowner with the CUC account holder’s name is unable to make it, please provide a letter of authorization along with a copy of ID matching CUC account name to avail of the said distribution item.  Businesses, rental property owners and/or Landlords are not eligible to receive the LED light bulbs OR portable gas stoves. 

During the Drive-Thru event, residential households will have a choice of receiving only one (1) of the items below: Limit one (1) item only, per residential household.

One each bag of Ten (10) LED Light bulbsOR

One each Portable Gas Stove

With only a limited number of supplies available for this event, LED light bulbs andportable gas stoves will be available for distribution on a first-come, first-served basis throughout the specified time only, or while supplies last.  The DRIVE-THRU DISTRIBUTION EVENT will be held at the date, time and location specified below:

Date:                                                   Location:                                           Time:

Saturday, December 4, 2021              500 Sails Parking Lot, Susupe            9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

                                                             (former 4H Building)

Lastly, due to the continuing threat of COVID-19, the public is required to observe and comply with all health and safety protocols.  Masks are required at all times during the program event hours of operations. All vehicle operators and passengers must remain in their vehicles at all times and must follow all posted event signs and obey all event traffic flow signs.

For additional questions or information regarding this event, you may contact Ms. Maile Iakopo, Reporting Specialist, at telephone numbers 664-4480/4.

Funding opportunity for this project is made possible through grant funds awarded by the U.S. Department of Energy (USDOE) – State Energy Program (SEP).



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