Manuel “Kiyu” Villagomez: Centennial Celebration

The life and contributions of Manuel “Kiyu” S. Villagomez were recently commemorated in a centennial commemorative event held at the Joeten Kiyu Public Library. Mr. Villagomez was an astute businessman whose contributions to the community continue to benefit our CNMI today. The celebratory event was organized by the Northern Marianas College and the staff of the Joeten Kiyu Public Library, where the celebration took place. 

In his remarks, Governor Arnold I. Palacios expressed that Mr. Villagomez’s life story is interwoven with the history and the spirit of the people of the Marianas. The Governor also expressed that Mr. Villagomez’s life was a testament to hard work and resilience. 

The event was attended by NMC President Galvin Deleon Guerrero, CNMI House Speaker Edmund S. Villagomez, other government officials, and members of the Kiyu family.



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