Governor Palacios Receives Courtesy Visit from JARRWC

In an ongoing effort to recover and repatriate Japanese war remains in the Commonwealth, Governor Arnold I. Palacios and Honorary Governor Ana Nakatsukasa earlier today received a courtesy visit from the Japanese Association for Recovery & Repatriation of War Casualties (JARRWC) during their third trip to the CNMI.  

The JARRWC is an organization designated by the Government of Japan tasked with conducting field recovery and repatriation of Japanese war remains. They recently conducted field recovery operations on Saipan and are about to continue their work on Tinian following their last visit back in February of this year.

Governor Palacios expressed his continued appreciation and support to the JARRWC and the Consular Office of Japan in Saipan and welcomed the JARRWC back to the CNMI on their mission of recovery and repatriation.


Office of CNMI Governor and Lt. Governor
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