DIRECTIVE NO. 2020-008 – Governor’s Council of Economic Advisers

Through the signing of Executive Order 2020-11, I have established, within the Executive Branch, the Governor’s Council of Economic Advisers.

Therefore, please be advised of the following appointments to the Governor’s Council of Economic Advisers:

1. Jerry Tan, Chairman

2. Sen. Frank S. Borja

3. Rep. Ivan A. Blanco

4. Michael S. Sablan

5. Roman “Bo” T. Palacios

6. Matthew Deleon Guerrero

7. Masato Tezuka

8. Alex Sablan

9. Joe C. Guerrero

10. Don J. Power

11. Marcie M. Tomokane

12. Alex B.K. Youn

13. Aubry Hocog

14. Gary Sword

As ordered in E.O. 2020-11, all departments and agencies of the CNMI Government are expected to support and cooperate with the Council as they carry out their duties and responsibilities.




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