DIRECTIVE No. 2020-005 | Enforcement of Curfew Laws

Pursuant to my authority invoked under Amended Executive Order No. 2020-004 which issued a Declaration of State of Public Health Emergency and continued State of Significant Emergency establishing response, quarantine, and preventive containment measures concerning Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), I hereby direct the Department of Public Safety and all CNMI law enforcement officers to strictly enforce the curfew laws for minors throughout the three municipalities (Saipan, Tinian and Aguiguan, and Rota) of the Commonwealth subject to 10 CMC § 3313, 10 CMC § 2703, and 10 CMC § 1503 of the Commonwealth Code. 

Furthermore, for the purposes set forth by and under the authority of Executive Order 2020-004, I hereby temporarily extend the applicable curfew hours for minors to 7:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. for all three municipalities for the remainder of the State of Public Health Emergency and State of Significant Emergency or until further notice. 

These curfew hours are subject to the exceptions listed in the respective statutes. Law enforcement officers are directed to enforce these new temporary curfew hours so as to reduce the risks of the spread of COVID-19 and limit the rise of new COVID-19 infections throughout the Commonwealth. 



Torres-Palacios Administration Set on Streamlining and Modernizing Permitting Process

In an effort to address what is often a cumbersome and, sometimes, lengthy permitting process for businesses and investors, Governor Ralph DLG. Torres and Lt. Governor Arnold I. Palacios have prioritized a complete review and revamp of the process with the goal of creating a more understandable and easier way to do business in the CNMI.

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