Child Care Programs attend Family Engagement: Gathering and Sharing Child Assessment Data Training

A successful three-hour remote training on Family Engagement Module 2: Gathering and Sharing Child Assessment Data was conducted on September 10, 2022 to ten different child care programs and directors in Saipan, CNMI. The training was facilitated by Russelle Mae Ignacio, Evergreen Learning Coach together with Grace Mallari, Evergreen Learning Training and Development Specialist. 

The training focused on ways to gather and share information with families about their children. The intent of these types of conversations is to help support their child’s learning and development, have meaningful conversations with families about their child’s assessment, and join in partnership with families towards a shared goal in their child’s learning. Information presented is meant for educators, child care providers, and or directors working with children from birth to age five.  

Communicating with families is not something new to the participants, as they all have had experiences in this practice. One of the common practices at the child care programs are conducting a Parent Teacher Conferences (PTC). According to the participants, this is scheduled quarterly and as needed. PTC is one of the methods that child care providers use to provide information in regards to the child’s progress, behaviors, as well as ways to plan activities that the teacher and families can work together to reach a common goal.  Participants are now equipped with additional information and resources that they can use when working with children and families. 

For programs who were unable to join this training, this will also be offered sometime within the October 2022 to September 2023 copy of the CCDF Professional Development Calendar, which is available on the Child Care Licensing Program’s website at


CNMI Office of the Governor
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