2023 Veterans Day Ceremony

Over the weekend, the CNMI Office of Veterans Affairs (OVA) hosted a Veterans Day ceremony at the American Memorial Park, to honor and show gratitude to those who have served, those who died and those who continue to bear the scars of their service.

In her opening remarks, Acting Executive Officer of the CNMI OVA Bernadita Dela Cruz recognized the sacrifices that both military service members and their families make.

In his remarks, Governor Arnold I. Palacios gave a special welcome to the sailors of the USS Shoup, who were making their first port call to Saipan over the weekend.

In raising awareness, Governor Palacios pointed out that veterans continue to serve long after they’ve come home, for they continue to “bear the scars of battle, both seen and unseen. They may carry physical injuries but also carry the weight and burden of the memories and experiences they encountered while in service. It is our solemn duty to support and care for them, ensuring they receive the respect and opportunities they deserve.”

In his keynote address retired Lieutenant Colonel and Special Assistant of the CNMI Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Franklin Babauta, reminded us of the lives and services of fallen Saipan veterans Staff Sergeant Wilgene Christopher Tudela Lieto and Corporal Derence Weilbacher Jack.

Office of CNMI Governor and Lt. Governor
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