Secretary of Finance statement on collaboration between Department of Finance and Department of Commerce

CNMI Secretary of Finance David DLG. Atalig on Friday issued the following statement regarding the reassignment of Director of Customs Mr. Jose C. Mafnas to the Department of Commerce as the Director of Export, Importation & Public Outreach to support collaboration between the Departments of Finance and Commerce. 

“After careful review of the opportunities for improvements in core management areas across the Executive Branch, and in efforts to provide a better means of collaboration between the Division of Alcohol, Beverage, Tobacco Control (ABTC) and the Division of Customs and Biosecurity, I have decided with reservation to reassign Director of Customs Jose C. Mafnas to be the Director of Export, Importation & Outreach effective July 22, 2022.”

“The goal of this strategic collaboration between the Department of Commerce and Finance is to identify loopholes and gaps in the system, increase tax revenues, reduce illegal importation, sale, and consumption of alcohol, beverage, and tobacco products within the CNMI, and to ensure that the CNMI’s laws, rules, and regulations are updated and in harmony alongside US federal laws.”

“I am confident in Director Mafnas’ abilities in this new position to conduct thorough reviews of all alcohol, tobacco, and related product(s) import policies that fall under law enforcement purview of the Division of Customs and Biosecurity, as well as the ABTC Division of Commerce. Additionally, Director Mafnas’ leadership and vision as shown throughout his time as Director of Customs underscores his abilities to accomplish the critical duties and responsibilities of this new role. I wish Director Mafnas success, and look forward to his continuous productive and engaging leadership in this new management endeavor,” said Secretary of Finance Atalig. 


Office of CNMI Governor and Lt. Governor
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