NAP to issue benefits through drive-thru service

In conformance with the Governor’s Public Health Emergency declaration and for ensuring the protocols for social distancing are in place, the Nutrition Assistance Program will be distributing April 2020 benefits through drive-thru service at their office location in As Lito. 

This means eligible households will be issued their benefits to them while in their vehicle. The purpose of this drive thru service is to ensure safety and protection of the public and Nutrition Assistance Program personnel from Covid-19. There will be no walk-in service, issuance of benefits will be performed through the drive-thru service only. Walk-in service will be available on April 16, 2020. Additionally, only those whose names appear on the valid NAP Identification Card may receive their household’s benefits. In addition to the NAP Identification Card, the individual must have a valid photo identification card such as a valid driver’s license or passport. 

The Nutrition Assistance Program has developed a schematic of how the benefit distribution will take place.

Issuance Schedule for Saipan

April 1, 2020   Wednesday     Case Records Ending with “1”

April 2, 2020   Thursday         Case Records Ending with “2”

April 3, 2020   Friday              Case Records Ending with “3”

April 6, 2020   Monday           Case Records Ending with “4”

April 7, 2020   Tuesday          Case Records Ending with “5”

April 8, 2020   Wednesday     Case Records Ending with “6”

April 9, 2020   Thursday         Case Records Ending with “7”

April 13, 2020Monday           Case Records Ending with “8”

April 14, 2020Tuesday          Case Records Ending with “9”

April 15, 2020Wednesday     Case Records Ending with “0”

April 16, 2020Thursday         Open Day

Open Day is intended for households who missed or were unable to pick up their benefits according to the Issuance Schedule. Walk-in service will be available on Open Day, April 16, 2020. The NAP will strictly enforce the issuance schedule, there will be no early issuances. 

For questions regarding the status of their applications please contact the NAP office at 237-2801 or 2802.

Office of CNMI Governor and Lt. Governor
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