NAP still accepting applications for food assistance at all office locations

Social distancing will be implemented for distribution of benefits during April issuance

This is to inform the public that our Nutrition Assistance Program (NAP) is still providing application forms and accepting applications via the drop box at its As Lito office location.

Applications will continue to be reviewed and acted on, however, all interviews and consultations related to applications for NAP benefits will be carried out over the telephone, not in-person. Applicants may also contact the NAP with questions related to their application via telephone at 237-2801 or 237-2802.

On Rota, applications can be picked up and dropped off at the DCCA’s office – Old Rota High School in Songsong village. Applicants on Rota can call telephone 532-9354 with questions about their application.

On Tinian, applications can be picked up and dropped off at the DCCA’s office – San Jose Village Gymnasium. Applicants on Tinian can call telephone 433-9330 with questions about their application.

The NAP is currently issuing the remaining benefits and those who have recently been authorized for the month of March 2020 on Saipan. However, only six (6) individuals at a time are allowed to enter the Benefit Issuance Center at the As Lito office location.

Additionally, the NAP is currently working on protocols for the distribution of benefits during the issuance weeks for April 2020, to ensure this is carried out in the safest way possible. An “open-air” distribution, limitations on the number of recipients at a time, physical distancing between recipients and between recipients and staff, sanitation regimes, and other measures are being taken into consideration in the design of the issuance protocol.

The NAP will be providing additional public notice regarding the protocol for the April issuance of benefits in the coming days.

Office of CNMI Governor and Lt. Governor
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